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There Are Many Things of Which a Wise Man Might Wish To Be Ignorant
Ralph Waldo Emerson


It Is Vain To Do With More, What You Can Do With Less
William of Occam

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The Best Software Microsoft Created

Is it Windows? Is it Office? Is it Internet Explorer? 

No, No (expect for Excel) and HELL NO!!!

The best tool Microsoft created is called Windows Live Writer 2011. Hands down.

Most chances are that you never heard of it and you have no idea what it does, right?

That is good because today you will learn all about it and how and most important, why, I consider it to be so good.

What Is It?

Windows Live Writer by Microsoft is an application for composing and managing blog posts. It will help you blog like a pro and make your blogging life so much easier (you simply can’t understand how easier until you start using it).

Live Writer 2011

Why Do You Need It?

If you are a blogger and you use WordPress than I’m sure you will agree that their post editing interface is simply not the best. It has many drawbacks and I always hated writing posts inside WordPress, especially if they were long and filled with images.

Using Windows Live Writer allows you the freedom to create your posts outside of WordPress and you can actually see exactly what your post would like as you write it thanks to a great feature that imports the current theme you are using on your blog.

Inserting images couldn’t be easier. You just choose the images you want from your PC and when you publish the post, Live Writer will upload of the images for you. You can edit the images, add some cool effects and do things that you simply couldn’t do with such ease inside WordPress.

BRILLIANT! I kid you not. Just ask Ronen how is blogging life changed for him after he started using Windows Live Writer.

And don’t forget to ask him who recommended it for him?

And the most important questions – how long did it took him to LISTEN?

How to Get it Working?

Download and Install

Windows Live Writer 2011 is free and you can download it HERE.

Live Writer 2011

Download and install it. Pretty simple process so I’m sure you don’t need me explaining anymore about it.

Add Your Blog/Blogs

Next thing you will need to do is to add your blog or blogs. This another great feature as you can manage as many blogs as you want from within Windows Live Writer 2011.

Before you add your WordPress blog you need to make sure your XML-RPC is enabled. This can be found inside your WordPress admin panel under settings/writing.

Now you can go ahead and add your blog to Live Writer.

  1. Just click on My Blog and select Add blog account.

  1. Select WordPress
  2. Enter the web address of your blog
  3. Enter the username and password
  4. You will be asked if you want to download the blog theme. This will let you see what your posts will look like as you are creating them. I always do this.

Start Blogging Away

That is it. You are all done. Your blog is added and you start blogging away. Trust me, if you never used it before, your blogging is never going to be the same again.

Not All Is Perfect

As almost anything in life, not everything is perfect and so is the case with Live Writer 2011.

It doesn’t support tumblr.

And let me tell you something, the post editing interface in tumblr is far worse than the one inside WordPress. FAR WORSE! It will definitely be on the list of things to improve once Ronen finishes his little case study on tubmlr.

So, how did I got over this little hurdle? Easy.

I still write the posts inside Windows Live Writer, upload the images into tubmlr and use the URLs to add them to the Live Writer and once I finish I simply copy the html code and paste it into tumblr. It is the best solution I found so far.

If you are a blogger and you never used Windows Live Writer, give it a try. I’m more the confident that you are going to love it.

How else would you explain the fact that is the only thing to come from Microsoft that no one (meaning me) has anything bad to say about it?


What Gets Measured Gets Managed
Peter Drucker

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Time Management and Tracking Time Is Crucial

One of the problems with working from home (among many others) is tracking your working hours. When I started I didn’t track anything and I was working whenever I felt like it.

Not Good.

I would assume that you might be asking why am I saying that it isn’t good, right?

Good question and great that you asked because I took the time to provide you with a great answer (if I may say so).

You’re More Efficient

Quite simply, tracking time and having better time management will help you do more in less. It will help you work smarter, not harder, and definitely not longer than you have to.

You’re In Control

Knowing the time and how you are distributing it puts you in control. You control your working day and not the other way around.

You’re Calm

Tracking time will reduce the amount of unhealthy stress you will suffer from. As you probably know, you will always be with more than enough things to deal with and if you are not big on time management it will simply overwhelm you resulting in unhealthy stress (not sure if there is healthy stress but we may talk about that later).

Improve your ability to manage time and you will enhance your peace of mind.

You’re More Fulfilled

How you function affects how you feel. Time management starts with the choices and decisions you make based on you knowing what matters and doing it efficiently. That is time well spent and that will make fill better and more fulfilled.

You’re Energized

Finishing tasks brings a level of satisfaction and energy that makes me feel good. Real good. I feel energized! Your ability to manage time has a direct affect on your energy levels.

How Do I Track Time

I have tried many different tools and services for time tracking and time management and the best one that I found (and my brother might disagree) is called Time Doctor.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is pretty new and still in Beta phase which means you get to use if all for free. I’m not going to tell you all of what Time Doctor can do for you as you can read all about the great list of features it has at http://www.timedoctor.com/.

I simply wanted to point your attention to it so you can check it out and see if it something that can help you with your time management and time tracking.

I can surly say it helps me everyday and I love it.

What about you? Are you tracking time? What tools or services are you using?


Perfection Is Not When There Is No More To Add, But No More To Take Away
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Wunderlist: Wunderlist goes global


Internationalization is very important to us. Considering we have over 900,000 registered users (with a forecast of 1 million this year) we thought it right to radically improve our language support for Wunderlist - on all platforms. So what’s the deal?

Our iPhone/iPod Touch app now contains…


The Road Not Taken

I’ll start with a quote from Robert Frost’s famous poem:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

The Waze App & A Story From Life

Unlike the other traffic navigation and congestion report systems that use pre-made mapping data and select sensors along the roads, Waze took the road less traveled by and doing it all the other way around!

Waze is a social mobile application that lets the drivers, those who use the data, to build it and update it in real time while also using it. And that, my friends, has made all the difference.

The service includes constantly-updated road maps, alerts on traffic and accidents, and data providing users with the fastest route to get to wherever they need to go.

Waze helps me to pick the ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY!

We went to visit friends of ours the other day, my Wife and I, but we took both cars since I had to sign off a few images for a client first - so I went out 45 minutes after she did.

When my dear wife arrived at our friends house, I was already there and finished my coffee!

How did that happen you ask?

Waze came for the rescue. That day the traffic was really bad, most of the main roads were jammed and slow and my wife took the usual route she always does and just went along with the crowd.

45 minutes later I get into my car, open up the Waze App on my iPhone and let it sync with the cloud. It takes a few seconds. I enter my destination address and let it calculate a route…

I honestly did not expect the one it suggested me to take. It was a x2 longer ride that took me on a route I would never have thought about myself. Trusting the app I went along with it and even though the mileage was x2 longer then the one my wife took - I arrived 15 minutes before she did. And she had a 45 minutes head start!

How Waze Works?

Waze is a development done by an Israel based start-up company that aims to solve traffic and I have to mention that i’m very proud of that! It basically outsources the creation of the map and the real-time traffic monitoring to the drivers. The system keeps you constantly updated with the traffic status and suggests alternative routes if it detects the current one you are on will be slower eventually.

Israel smartphone users rate it among the highest in the world, second only to the USA I think, and we all love apps here and so many of us use the Waze App. While I’m driving I can see many more drivers pop up as icons on my map… This is what makes this system so good and efficient! 

It Can Do More!

The Waze platform has started to evolve and now offers much more then traffic congestion solutions. It is and advertising platform that shows brand icons as you get near them on the road. It is a news gathering system in Israel that takes advantage of the crowds to get real time reports form any hot news scene. Drivers can report accidents and alert emergency service to the location (not sure it is doing it by now, but the emergency service personal that are located near the location will be using Waze in order to get the alert so they can arrive at the scene as fast as possible).

Does Waze Support My Location?

Visit the Waze Live Map on their website and get a global overview of where it keeps track of traffic… that is the best way to know if Waze is available at your local and if a critical mass of drivers are actually using it and thus make the system much more reliable were you are.

So if it works in your country - START USING IT! It will save you lots of time on the roads and get you were you need to go faster & safer.

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Eye Of The Tiger


Music is one of the few things that can really get me from being low and unproductive to being high (with no drugs) and super productive.

I know that some people can’t work and concentrate while listening to music but for me its the other way around. Most of the time I spend working I am also listening to music. I don’t know why, but it just makes me more productive.

While I am reading I usually prefer not to listen to music as that could make reading a little hard but for most of the other activities (writing a post for example) I always listen to music. 

I know you are probably asking what did I listen to while I was writing this post, right? If you want to know, just click HERE. If it’s good or bad is a question of taste so don’t be hammering me for the music I like :)

The Eye Of The Tiger is one of the few truly “uptime” songs that I have. These type of songs really helps me get my mood and productivity up. I don’t think I will ever hear enough of this song.

What do you think? Does music have the same effect on you? If so, which is your 
favorite ”uptime” song? Share it with us so we could all create our own “uptime” music playlist!

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Nothing Is As Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Victor Hugo