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Brainstorming Overdrive With The Power Of Mind Maps

One of the things that really helped me get my ideas and projects in order was that I started using Mind Maps. This time I have to thank Ronen as he introduced me to this Mind Mapping concept by sharing with me the service he used called Mindmeister a few months back.

For those of you that don’t know what a Mind Map is, here is the definition according to Wikipedia:

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studyingand organizing information, solving problems, making decisions, and writing.

The elements of a given mind map are arranged intuitively according to the importance of the concepts, and are classified into groupings, branches, or areas, with the goal of representing semantic or other connections between portions of information. Mind maps may also aid recall of existing memories.

By presenting ideas in a radial, graphical, non-linear manner, mind maps encourage a BRAINSTORMING APPROACH to planning and organizational tasks.

Since I started using Mindmaps with the service called Mindmeister it really helped me to organize the tasks needed to be made and the ability to see everything in front of me with all the levels simply made it much easier to figure out what additional tasks/steps I need to take and eventually it simply helped take action on my ideas.

Here is an example of a mind map I just created for the purpose of making this blog better by letting you add your problems, ideas, tools and tips so that all of us can learn from each other and it would hopefully bring in some great ideas to write about.

You can edit the mind map so feel free to add anything you want (just don’t delete anything please). If you can’t see the mindmap than it can be found HERE

As I mentioned before and as you can see by the embedded Mindmap above, the service I am using for all my mind mapping needs is called Mindmeister. I really love it and didn’t see any reason to look for any alternatives. You can signup for free and create up to 3 mind maps. 

Other mind mapping tools/service that I heard about (and found by simply using Google) are Freemind and Mindjet. I know there are probably more and I really can’t say anything (good or bad) about the two I found as I never used them myself.

If you know of any other great mind mapping tool feel free to let us know and if you have mind mapping tips we are all ears.



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