The Road Not Taken

I’ll start with a quote from Robert Frost’s famous poem:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

The Waze App & A Story From Life

Unlike the other traffic navigation and congestion report systems that use pre-made mapping data and select sensors along the roads, Waze took the road less traveled by and doing it all the other way around!

Waze is a social mobile application that lets the drivers, those who use the data, to build it and update it in real time while also using it. And that, my friends, has made all the difference.

The service includes constantly-updated road maps, alerts on traffic and accidents, and data providing users with the fastest route to get to wherever they need to go.

Waze helps me to pick the ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY!

We went to visit friends of ours the other day, my Wife and I, but we took both cars since I had to sign off a few images for a client first - so I went out 45 minutes after she did.

When my dear wife arrived at our friends house, I was already there and finished my coffee!

How did that happen you ask?

Waze came for the rescue. That day the traffic was really bad, most of the main roads were jammed and slow and my wife took the usual route she always does and just went along with the crowd.

45 minutes later I get into my car, open up the Waze App on my iPhone and let it sync with the cloud. It takes a few seconds. I enter my destination address and let it calculate a route…

I honestly did not expect the one it suggested me to take. It was a x2 longer ride that took me on a route I would never have thought about myself. Trusting the app I went along with it and even though the mileage was x2 longer then the one my wife took - I arrived 15 minutes before she did. And she had a 45 minutes head start!

How Waze Works?

Waze is a development done by an Israel based start-up company that aims to solve traffic and I have to mention that i’m very proud of that! It basically outsources the creation of the map and the real-time traffic monitoring to the drivers. The system keeps you constantly updated with the traffic status and suggests alternative routes if it detects the current one you are on will be slower eventually.

Israel smartphone users rate it among the highest in the world, second only to the USA I think, and we all love apps here and so many of us use the Waze App. While I’m driving I can see many more drivers pop up as icons on my map… This is what makes this system so good and efficient! 

It Can Do More!

The Waze platform has started to evolve and now offers much more then traffic congestion solutions. It is and advertising platform that shows brand icons as you get near them on the road. It is a news gathering system in Israel that takes advantage of the crowds to get real time reports form any hot news scene. Drivers can report accidents and alert emergency service to the location (not sure it is doing it by now, but the emergency service personal that are located near the location will be using Waze in order to get the alert so they can arrive at the scene as fast as possible).

Does Waze Support My Location?

Visit the Waze Live Map on their website and get a global overview of where it keeps track of traffic… that is the best way to know if Waze is available at your local and if a critical mass of drivers are actually using it and thus make the system much more reliable were you are.

So if it works in your country - START USING IT! It will save you lots of time on the roads and get you were you need to go faster & safer.